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You demand the very best from yourself and those you train with.
We expect the same from everything that influences our health. We train to build peak performance, but how do you ensure peak dietary, supplement and wellness habits?

We utilize and recommend the best lifestyle and performance products that are affordable, inspired by nature and proven by science to make a difference. Outstanding results, used by elite athletes, direct from the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. And we offer a dynamic referral program for those who share.

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The media calls him “the ageless wonder”

2nd fastest 1,500-meter ever.

American Record Holder in the 5,000-meter, 2-mile, mile and 1,500-meter.

“When we do all of those miles day after day, you tear your muscles or you get so weak, and you need the strength to work the following day. We have to run today and tomorrow and the day after, week after week, month after month. You need the recovery, and that’s why I looked into ProFlex20 and why it’s become my favorite product."

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Pro athlete, Businessman, Public speaker.

The first American in 41 years to take home a gold or silver medal in the 800-meters race at a global competition.

Nick has been an avid fan of the products since 2007. He says the Access Bar® improves the quality of his workouts and provides the energy he needs to make it through without feeling heavy, tired or overwhelmed by calories.

​“I have to say that I would not be the athlete I am today if not for the Access Bars.”

Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science

Rigorously tested in human clinical studies at independent, internationally acclaimed labs, cruelty free.

Access Bars naturally reduce lactic acid and trigger the body to use its fat stores at the start a workout, instead of after the usual 30 min cardio. Peak Performance Pack repeatedly demonstrates improvements to 25 key health markers - many results appear within just 60 minutes. These are unprecedented scientific results in the nutritionals arena, letting your whole body perform at optimum levels.

...and many more. Exclusive patents and safe proprietary formulas (eg. multi damage demo) mean you cannot get these anywhere else. And no substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which covers most major sports. (Consult your organization's regulations prior to including any supplements to your training)

Fresh Process Delivers Results

An average product sits in warehouses and store for 6-9 months or longer, often needing more preservatives and processing which can result in ineffective or even toxic forms. As the only Just-In-Time manufacturer with the highest standards of ingredient sourcing and production methods, everything is delivered 1-6 weeks from being made, so we can ensure maximum potency, effectiveness and results ...powered by nature, crafted by science.


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For only $19 per year, Members get...

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Exceptional Products at Reasonable Prices

Carefully crafted exceptional versions of products used every day with the highest standards of health, safety, and wellness in mind, manufacturing over 400 nutritional, sport, personal care, beauty, household, OTC and other premium-quality wellness products at reasonable prices, shipped directly to the customer. This revolutionary system is changing the way millions of people shop, eliminating middlemen and reducing marketing and distribution costs. This enables our company to spend more on research and high-quality, ecologically-sensible ingredients, while maintaining affordable prices and rewarding those who share.


The Largest Online Wellness Shopping Club in North America

Many months exceed 100K new customers.

Since 1985, everything we accomplish is done with an eye toward promoting the physical, environmental, financial, and personal wellness of those around us. As one of the leading Health and Wellness companies in the world with over 4,700 employees operating in 19 countries and annual revenues in excess of $2B, our focus has always been on wellness. By innovating and manufacturing with the highest standards of effective, high-quality, natural, health-oriented products, we help people live more vibrant, healthier, happier lives.


It's no surprise we have an amazing 96% reorder rate.

You can feel it immediately. This is the wellness company.

Featured and Awarded by...

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“You need the recovery, and that’s why I looked into ProFlex20 and why it’s become my favorite product."