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People are always surprised by my age. I’m 49 in this picture and it isn’t Photoshopped with plastic. No makeup, surgery or Botox. People constantly ask me how I do it, so here are my personal wellness tips.

I do eat well and exercise 2x/wk, but a lot of people do that. The biggest difference I see is in the high-tech domestic, self-care & supplements I use from one online store, yet cost less than most. Here are the highlights of the ones I believe make the biggest difference to my health & aging...

(see below for how to get)

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Note: Critical COVID-19 self-care information you probably haven't heard ...

This is a highly sensitive time where you need your lungs & body systems as strong as possible. But you are likely unaware that you may be irreversibly damaging your lungs as you clean your home, and crippling your immune system via your gut in many ways including multi-vitamins. Read below for critical info: Non-Toxic Home, Safe Supplements and Gut & Health for advanced system & immune support, and where to get safe alternatives.

Non-Toxic Home

Just how toxic is your home environment? A new independent study based on 20 years research showed that regular home cleaners significantly & irreversibly damage lungs: cleaning as little as once a week is as damaging over time to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years. And the WHO reports 45,000+ child deaths in 2004 from home poisonings. The 100% safe line I use actually works better than the regular toxic ones and is way cheaper: SaferForYourHome includes laundry, tub & tile cleaner, and a botanical disinfectant approved by the EPA to kill bacteria & viruses. I highly recommend doing the complete Home Conversion Pack and throwing out your toxic load. A lot of people’s asthma & skin issues goes away when they do this. Better for you, your family, your wallet, and the environment. These, plus soap & hand sanitizers and medicine cabinet needs are always in stock. They also make a complete line of pure essential oils, candles and home fragrances for those who love scent therapy without chemicals.

Safe Supplements Proven By Science

Major US studies confirm that multi-vitamins likely cause more damage than good (demo). There is only one company who makes supplements proven in 4 independent human clinical trials to improve 25 key health markers - the first time in history that scientific research has produced this kind of result in a nutritional supplement, published in medical journals, and changed many lives. The CEO recently broke 5 indoor rowing world records at age 70, which means a guy with a desk job career, conditioned & beat world class athletes who rowed their entire lives, demonstrating his body & muscles had not degraded with age as usual. I've been taking them for 16 years and I feel (& look) a serious significant difference in the rate I've aged. You can try it yourself: they are well-priced with a 90 day money back guarantee if you don't feel a difference or your medical conditions don't improve. More info and other's experiences to Live life at your Peak.

Access Bar

This triggers your body to access & use its fat stores as soon as you start your workout, instead of after the usual 30 min cardio -most people don't even exercise longer than that. Used by Olympic athletes, it blocks adenosine and inhibits lactic acid so you can do more reps and go further. Inexpensive, all natural, with medical proof it works. They make a great line of premium sports nutrition and weight management, also with plant-based options. More info at Peak Performance.

Gut & Health

Leading research is discovering this is perhaps the most underestimated aspect of health. The gut is often called "the second brain," affecting everything from digestion to mood, sleep, heart & skin health, inflammation, cancer and 80% of your immune system. Many things damage it, including processed foods, too much sugar, alcohol, meat, stress, pollution, even multi-vitamins (see above). Most people have a storm brewing inside, wrecking havoc on many aspects of their life, and need help re-balancing their microbiome. Eating yogurt can't do that. Quality supplements are key, as many are useless. I take high-tech advanced formulations of pre+probiotics, enzymes & fiber and other Immune Support items at affordable prices. I notice a real difference when I do a cycle.

Skin Care

And of course everyone asks about my skin care. I use all-natural high performance Sei Bella products: modest prices, developed with fashion icon Nicole Miller, now led by ex-VP of L’Oréal, Paris (runs world's largest skin, hair, cosmetics brands -great interview, password: Beauty ) + a complete line of hair care, nutrient infused cosmetics, and clinically proven solutions for acne, dry skin & eczema. Unlike the toxins you absorb from other brands, they contain no carcinogens, hormone disruptors, no animal testing, etc.

Eating & Living Well

I will add a new page that explains all the lifestyle, cooking & eating habits I have that I believe are important. Check back soon!

I feel & see the profound impact these have on my health & aging. I get them and many other superior items at great prices, direct from manufacturer, the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. It’s by invite only so contact me for more info and access to membership with $100 credits. It's simply a better way to shop.

Available in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Is ● UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Austria

Australia, New Zealand, Guam ● Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore

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